Jute - Jute Cultivation and Fibre Extraction process

Author has started this Post about Photo Gallery, basically to provide some information about the Jute Crop and its extraction ( The photos exhibited in this Gallery, are informative only and not for any Commercial motive/purpose )

About  Jute plant

These plants take nearly 3 months, to grow to an height of 12 to 15 ft, during season and then cut & bundled and kept immersed in water for "Retting" process, where the inner stem and outer, gets separated and the outer plant gets 'individualised', to form a Fibre.

Then the plant get separated and washed to remove dust from the plant

The fibre after drying is taken to Jute mills, for getting converted to Jute yarn and Hessian /Gunny Fabrics/ bags.

From the Jute, various lifestyle products are being produced and diversified in to various forms, due to R&D support and also due the support by Govt Organisations.

Jute  Plant  being Harvest - Pic:1
Jute Plant Harvest - Picture : 2

Jute Fibre  being removed  from  the Plant at Retting Stage

Jute Fibre being CLEANed  
Jute  Fibre  &  Jute Sticks being  DRIED
Jute  Fibre  being  Graded  

Jute Fibre being pressed - before taking to Jute Mills

Jute  Fibre  being  Segregated at Mills, Quality-wise
Roots  are being CUT, before processing in the Mills

Jute Fibre  being  BLEACHED  for  removal of Dust

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